Project Brimham Update – installing the dev system

After a brief family break, I’m back on with Brimham. The first task is to configure a new virtual machine for development – I like a separate Virtual PC install for every project so I can guarantee no version conflicts between third party stuff.


Windows 2003 Enterprise
SQL Server 2008 with all the options
MVC Contrib Release and Extras
Castle Project 1.0 RC3

Still Needed:


WebForms or MVC for my next project?

I’ve a new project lined up for the second week of March, and I’m seriously considering MVC for the application code.

Some food for thought: Choosing Between WebForms and MVC

Are Codebehind Files in ASP.NET MVC Evil?

Interesting discussion about the benefits of codebehind files in ASP.NET MVC.

While keeping the codebehind files might tempt you to put code that belongs to the controller on to the view, I’m not worried about that. In the ASP.NET work I’ve done in the past, I’ve mostly stuck to pushing any logic other than formatting out into a separate class that communicates with the business layer – a controller class, effectively. I’ve seen a lot of code where the codebehind was chock-full of business logic, so I suppose the same mistake could be made moving to ASP.NET MVC.